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    I am asking for any parents help, as I am at a loss as to what to do from here on out. My daughter is a cheerleader on the high school squad and competition team. She has been bullied all year long by a handful of girls. We have gone to the cheer coach, athletic director and recently to the principal. When I emailed the coach, due to her not accepting or picking up my phone calls, she replied that she had spoken with the athletic director and that they would not tolerate bullying of any behavior on the team, and that any girl caught from here on out bullying would be kicked off the team. The problem is, the coach herself and her daughter are also ones that have been talking about my daughter. My daughter has multiple classmates that have overhead the coach and her daughter and friends sit in the library and talk shit about my daughter. Which of course she is not going to kick her daughter or her daughter’s friends off the cheer squad. I had sent multiple other emails to the coach letting her know that the bullying was continuing and she replied by going into practice and saying “If you have a problem with the cheer squad or me, you need to come talk to me, not have your mommy, daddy, aunt or uncle talk to me.” So when I spoke with the principal I informed him of all this. He stated that he would speak with the girls that I listed and the coach and get back to me. That was 3 weeks ago, so I have left three messages for him, asking him to update me on what is going on. He finally called backed today and stated “I spoke with 2 of the girls and coach and they stated that they have not said anything of the “bullying nature” to my daughter, and that if my daughter has any more issues that she is to go to the coach and tell her” I said are you serious…the coach is part of the problem…so you are telling me that you would tell your child to continue to talk to someone that was abusing them…I don’t think so. I am at a loss; I am not sure, how to progress…I am not sure if I need to go to the superintendent or board of education. Please if anyone has any advice, thoughts, been thru this and can tell me what they did I would greatly appreciate it.my daughter is only a sophomore and has 2 years left….and I cannot have them continuing to make my daughter feel like she is worthless, or a slut, or causing her to be depressed…please help.
    She also just tried out for the cheer team, to which she applied for varsity and JV football, the competition team and Varsity basketball. During her tryout she did not make any mistakes and threw a standing back handspring, a round off back handspring, a double back handspring and a back tuck with little assistance from the tumbling coach. She did not make any of the teams and girls who did not even do any tumbling and stated to my daughter they messed up, made the team. I feel like the coach is targeting my daughter, as there is no reasonable or logical explanation as to what is going on.



    Call Chanel 2 eyewitness news! Tell them you have spoken to all the authorities you can think of and NO ONE WILL HELP YOU!!! When the news come out to the school to talk to you, tell them you will press charges against all those who you spoke to and have done nothing!!! PRAY!



    Bernadett, I certainly agree with your continuing to address the bullying problem using all practical means possible.

    I suggest the first step is for Colazig and her daughter to sit down with the family’s attorney and determine what can legally be done to satisfy the bullying issue, decide the legal methods for proving bullying is happening, and the ultimate legal action available to solve the problem.



    Thank you for your response. That is a very good suggestion. Thank you for your recommendation. Take care


    De nada.



    Please keep us informed about new information. God keep your daughter and other victims safe. Bernadette

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