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    This is a community effort to support parents, grandparents, caregivers, survivors, advocates, students and professionals.

    By creating a Community Member Profile, you agree to the following TERMS & CONDITIONS: https://termsfeed.com/terms-conditions/88d37086b08741204b2de91b0922aac5

    Our goal is to provide a safe community to share ideas, stories, tips and information in a useful and positive manner. We take a special interest in empowering society to nurture and protect our nation’s children. Unfriendly/harsh debate will be stopped, and members who speak disrespectfully to others will be removed.

      We speak with grace and courtesy. We encourage and listen, rather than criticize and attack.
    NO YES
    Hate speech Education
    Political rallying Support
    Culturally insensitive comments Encouragement
    Racism Kindness
    Gender-stereotyping Acceptance
    Intimidation or harassment Compassion
    Accusations/blaming/shaming Acknowledgement
    Name-calling or profanity Respectful discourse
    Lashing out/fighting/bickering Collaboration
    Inflammatory comments or GIFs Peaceful conflict resolution
    Arguing with an admin or moderator Asking questions to clarify



    1. 1. All posts must be positive in nature, congruent with our mission to inspire a positive generational cycle empowering every child to reach their infinite potential. If sharing an article, please include an intro with your thoughts and make group relevance clear.

      2. This forum is intended as a means of sharing information. We do not offer any case specific, one-on-one assistance. For Help & Support resources, please see: https://americanspcc.org/need-help/

      3. This forum is NOT to be used for the purposes of child abuse reporting. Call 911 if you or a child are in immediate danger. For more information on how to report child abuse, please see: https://americanspcc.org/reporting-child-abuse/

      4. No spam, sexual or graphic content, advertising or soliciting (for yourself or a friend), buy/sell/trade, link dropping, or promoting products, services, requesting funding, or social media pages/groups, via link, image, casual mention, private message, or otherwise. Admins reserve the right to post blogs, articles, opinions, press releases, affiliate links, and funding campaigns that may be helpful to the community. Members found soliciting other members within the group or through private message will be banned.

      5. While our mission aims to serve children in the United States, we are a global forum with a diverse population, and naturally we will have differences in opinions based on our own experiences and worldview. However, political, cultural, racial, or gender-stereotyped, and otherwise insensitive or discriminatory comments/debates are not tolerated here.

      6. We recognize that the way positive parenting is implemented in the home, as opposed to positive discipline in the school is inherently different. We appreciate the richness of the diverse views of all parents, educators and professionals, no matter their background/certification or personal/professional experience.

      7. No topics or comments that promote physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse, exploitation, bullying, or domestic violence will be allowed. Additionally, we will not allow comments related to vaccinations, religious advice or political rallying. Instead, we will share our own stories and offer words of encouragement that are in line with the positive care and development of America’s children.

      8. We believe that everyone has the right to digital privacy. We will not share photos or information about our members unless we obtain permission. In addition, we will not post photos in this group that do not belong to us without attribution (link directly to the url source!).

      9. We LOVE pictures of children engaged in positive activities but remember that in all photos/videos posted, children’s genital areas/private areas must be covered.

      10. Please use extreme caution when connecting with any individuals you meet online. Always limit the amount of information that you post, and avoid information that could make you vulnerable such as information about your address or regular schedule. For more information about cyberbullying and cyber safety, please see: https://americanspcc.org/bullying/cyberbullying/

      11. Posts and or comments that violate these guidelines will be redirected or deleted at the discretion of the ASPCC Moderator Team. Members who block or show hostility toward any of the group moderators community as a whole will be immediately exited from the group. We promise to use this privilege wisely and with the best interest of the group in mind.

      12. Any use or reliance on content posted on this forum is at your own risk. The information posted on this website is the sole responsibility of the person who originated the content. We are not responsible for their conduct or actions. WE WAIVE ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR CONTENT POSTED ON THIS WEB FORUM. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this forum.

      Please note:

      * You may contact us through the our American SPCC Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/AmericanSPCC/ for any comments, questions, or information about moderation that is currently needed.

      FINALLY, a huge THANK YOU to those who volunteer their precious time to answer questions, share information, and participate in the various conversations. Your advocacy matters!

      Your American SPCC Moderator Team



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