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A Brighter Future Starts Here Podcast

Welcome to ‘A Brighter Future Starts Here’,our live weekly podcast show!

Our goal is to bring you perspective, knowledge, and support from Industry leaders and professionals who are dedicated to empowering children and families. 

Learn how parents, caretakers and teachers can make a positive difference in the lives of their children and families, today!  From implementing higher connections and providing valuable resources and information, to breaking the cycle of abuse, we bring you the subject matter experts, and those with experience, who will walk us through positive steps to enhance the quality of family life and create healthy children and families!

Know a great guest for the show? Email us at info@americanspcc.org

Inspiring Mom’s with Halle Eavelyn

Are you feeling stuck? Like you aren’t quite living life to your fullest potential?

Join us as we chat with Halle Eavelyn – a transformational coach here to help you stop holding yourself back and start living your greatest life.

Parenting EQ with David Long

We speak with David Long – founder of the new movement; Pandemic of Positivity.

Although this positivity-forward movement was created just last year, his message aimed at bringing a higher level of kindness, compassion, and love to our communities, workplaces, families and ourselves has already brightened lives across the world.

Learn more about how you can start implementing the Pandemic of Positivity today!

Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Children with Irina Curenton

Does it sometimes feel like there’s a bit of a gap between you and your little ones? Well, let’s bridge it! This is your chance to learn how to create, maintain, and sustain a family where love and respect is the norm.

100 Days of Value with Jason Hodge

Father of 4 boys and Community Service advocate shares tips for creating value for children, families and caretakers.

The Conscious Parenting Revolution with Katherine Sellery

We talk with Katherine about her program, Guidance Approach to Parenting, which applies conflict resolution skills to effective communication with children. Among many other accomplishments, for generations, Katherine has made a positive impact on families in over half a dozen countries who’ve suffered from disconnection.

Learn more about how Katherine’s work continues to create a positive shift in the lives of so many children and families around the world and start building a better future today!

Special Bones, with Sylvia Farbstein

If your life switched from predictable to one full of unexpected twists and turns in a day, how would you handle it? We talk with Sylvia Farbstein who had to do just that when her son Brandon was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism.

Together, they refused to be defined by limitations and have already inspired millions across the world.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

This week on our Positive Parenting weekly show, we meet with Roderick Chambers! Roderick is an expert in cybersecurity and will help us better understand what we can do to keep our kids safe, now that they’re online more than ever.

The Happy Child

We’re excited to host Matt Larson of the Human Improvement Project! We’ll talk about stressors kids face today, how families can create a safe haven for their children at home, and the Happy Child Parenting App which is changing lives every day.

Improving Behavior and Social Emotional Learning with Jamie Levine of Team Esteem

We speak with Jamie Levine about breaking through the barrier that often-times exists for families and children struggling with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Jamie is a mother, author, and founder of the Team Esteem™ curriculum.

Transformation Through Spoken Word With Michael Guinn

Stories and spoken-word can be transformative. Hear how one artist/actor has broken the cycle of abuse to step into success for himself and others!

Managing Psychosocial Affects of Childhood Diabetes

Diana Washeim, Director-Nutrition and Diabetes Program at the BronxCare Diabetes Center of Excellence shares helpful information about managing childhood diabetes.

Navigating Online Safety

Navigating online safety is just as important as teaching ABC’s and safe driving to our kids! We talk with Lauren Nwegbo, a cyber security professional who desires to take a more personal approach on cyber security through the education of the everyday users of technology.

Why is Breastfeeding Different This Time Around

We’ve all heard that #breastfeeding is good for babies, right? But did you know that it has positive long term health effects for mothers as well?

Join us for a conversation about the lactation and breastfeeding process, along with breastfeeding for long term health with Emma McCracken, a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor with her own organization dedicated to the cause.

Self regulation with Psychotherapist Jeannette Sandoval

We speak with Jeannette – a Mental Health & Wellness professional working with families, couples and individuals at her private practice – about how we can support the Mental Health of kids.

David Ogman Advocates For His Son’s Medical Condition TECPR2

Be your child’s medical advocate! Hear how David Ogman proactively advocates as they race against the clock to find a cure for his son Jordan’s rare medical condition, TECPR2.

Childhood Chronic Pain With Karen Pressed, Bowtie Kids

Hear how this unique organization is helping kids struggling with chronic pain, emotional pain, mental health, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Connecting With Your Child

Dr. Laura Markham from Aha! Parenting helps us form better connections with our children while getting positive results!

Human Trafficking Prevention With Lisa Jameson

Lisa Jameson, teaches us how to spot human trafficking and abuse when it is in front of you, and how to prevent it from happening to your own children.

Children’s Mental Health with Giscard Saintil

In this episode, Jackie meets with Giscard Saintil, LMHC to talk about how parents can be more aware of their child’s mental health.

Creating Healthy Boundaries After Trauma & Abuse

Join Sabrina Rose, creator of the 4-Step Process on Trauma Recovery, as she shares how to create healthy boundaries after trauma and abuse. Whether you relate to this difficult topic or not, education is the first step toward building a better future so be sure to tune in!

Succeeding Despite Trauma with Charles Hunt

Do you have ‘The Audacity to Succeed’? Join famed TedX Speaker Charles Hunt as he motivates others to live the fulfilling lives they deserve. Tune in and hear his personal story of succeeding despite trauma through resilience and hope, and how he teaches the determination skills to help you do the same.

Emotional Flashbacks with Maryann Samreth

Join us as we speak with Maryann Samreth – a writing coach who has helped countless individuals heal during the process of reclaiming and writing their stories of personal trauma.

Untangling Trauma with Sheel Bhuta

We speak with Sheel Bhuta about untangling trauma and giving the children around us the infrastructure and tools to manage their emotions.

Sheel focuses on healing others through helping them create harmony within themselves so that they can be compassionate to their mind and body as well as with others and their environment.

Rising Star Vivie Myrick on What Being Bullied Taught Her

Hear how actress, singer, songwriter Vivie Myrick fought back against bullying.


With Special Guest, Franki Moscato

During #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth, we’re excited to host singer/songwriter/actress, Franki Moscato!
Franki is a professional singer/songwriter, actress and public speaker who has accomplished much in her career, including appearing on American Idol! Even with all of her success, she, like many others, has been bullied. She has made it her mission to help fight bullying. Listen to this important talk!

Racial Bullying With Urban Stereotype

We meet with Urban Stereotype to talk about racial bullying and how they’re rising above it by using their experience to empower others. Episode includes tips for parents and children and how families can get help.

Kids Speak Up! with Diane Berger

Empowering kids to recognize – and speak up against – abuse, neglect and bullying.

Kids and Covid, with Dr. Jay Harvey, Pediatrician

Let’s talk kids and COVID-19. Protecting the little ones in our lives is essential. But, knowing how we can do our part can be difficult. Join us as we sit down with Dr. Jay Harvey – a dedicated Pediatrician here to help us uncover what we need to know.

Kids and COVID-19

Jasmin Ramos-Ramirez of Voces Unidos joins us to talk about the effects COVID-19 has had on kids this school year.

Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Tracy Kawa from Kawa Community Partners joins us to talk about work-life balance during COVID-19, and how now is a good time to ignite your life passion and purpose.

Rethinking Education with Rebecca Woolley

How a hybrid learning process can support our students, post-Covid.

Parenting During COVID-19

Meet Mary Wheatley of Inspired Parent Coach. Today on the show, we’re talking about parenting during COVID-19.