Adoption Announcements & Adoption Shower Etiquette

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By Amalia Gratteri |

The journey through adoption is always unique – no two people have the same story, the same process, or have taken the same road leading them to their new family. All stories are equally beautiful and deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated with the perfect adoption announcement and adoption shower invitations.
Since adoption cases have many variables there are a few things to keep in mind when creating adoption announcements and adoption shower invitations. Here are some of the main factors to consider and the best way to navigate each with perfect etiquette.
Adoption Announcement Etiquette
How Do Age & Dates Come Into Play
Don’t forget to document all of the important dates that represent your family’s journey through adoption. Keep in mind the birth date, the adoption date, and any other dates that mark something official within the adoption, such as the date your child finally came home with you. There is a lot of flexibility in what you call the adoption date and many parents end up using several dates on their announcements. Common dates are the day you first met your child, the date the adoption was finalized, or any other date that has significance to you. For toddlers, foster children, and teens, omitting birth statistics and indicating just the birth or adoption date, is extremely common and highly acceptable.
When To Send Out Adoption Announcements
This will weigh heavily on when the adoption is finalized. When going through a domestic adoption, parents are advised to wait about 30-60 days before sending out adoption announcements. This is a period of the adoption commonly referred to as the “honeymoon period” where the biological parents are able to rescind their decision to place a child for adoption. Although post-placement revocations are rare and happen only about 1-2% of the time, it is a possibility that should always be taken into consideration.
International adoptions are always finalized before the child can leave their birth country. In these cases, adoptive parents usually send out their announcements as soon as they get home!
Once the legalities are finalized, a good rule of thumb is to send out your announcements within six months of the date you officially bring your child home. This gives leeway to those with an international adoption to get home and get settled, and allows any delay for that post-placement time period to pass before sending anything out prematurely.
Who Should Receive An Adoption Announcement
During an adoption, families tend to interact and build relationships with a large circle of supporters – be sure to thank each and every one of them! Family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers should always be on the mailing list to receive an adoption announcement, but don’t forget those who have helped you with the adoption along the way! Social workers, liaisons, and adoption agencies are common examples of those you’ll want to thank with an announcement.
Keeping your loved ones up to date on the pending adoption through social media outlets or a blog dedicated to the adoption is another great way to keep them informed while you are busy getting your home ready for your child’s arrival.
How To Word Adoption Announcements
There are many different ways to word your adoption announcement. Especially with adoption, family circumstances vary – use your unique family make-up to your advantage and set the tone of your announcement by representing the individuality of your family’s dynamic through your wording.
Quick Tips:
Instead of announcing “the birth of,” the words “arrived” or “placed in our arms” can be used.
Adding a quote or bible verse or incorporating an international symbol of the child’s birth country is another acceptable way to add an extra special touch to your announcement.
If you want to show the diversity of your family, a simple and effective way is to use a photo of your newly adopted child, all of your children together, or even your entire family!
Here are just a few ways to spread the news:
Keep It Casual
The best things are worth waiting for

Karter Ryan Michaels
Forever a Family | March 12, 2016 9:24PM
Go For a Formal Approach
It is with thankful hearts that we announce the adoption of Sophia Quinn

Born in Bucharest, Romania
on February 4, 2015
and into our arms on February 11, 2015
Faith Based or Religious
Our faith has kept us strong on this journey. We are proud to announce the adoption of our little ones, Emily & Carter Smith

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17
He has our hearts. We spared him our looks.

Born | March 23, 2014
Adopted | May 12, 2015
Home Forever | August 29, 2015
Adoption Shower Invitation Etiquette
Shower Details & Invitation Etiquette
Adoption showers can be as similar to a baby shower as you prefer or as unique of a celebration as you would like. The main rules of etiquette to follow are those of any other shower: respect the hosts timeline and headcount, and be sure to communicate the details effectively, get your invitations out about four weeks prior to the shower, and always send thank you cards!
First Things First
You need to decide when to throw the shower. There is no etiquette behind this, whatever you are comfortable with is perfectly acceptable. Some adoptive parents have a shower before their new child arrives, some prefer to wait until after the adoption is finalized, and some even wait until their child is home with them – using the shower as an opportunity for a celebratory meet-and-greet.
The Registry
The registry is the most highly debated part of the shower invitation. Do you include a registry or not? It seems to be a pretty split decision. Choose what feels comfortable and appropriate for your situation. The most important thing to note is the age of the child being adopted. This way your guests can be sure to get a gift that you are able to use whether you decide to include a registry or not.
The Wording
Just as the shower itself, the invitation wording can be the same, as similar, or as different as you would like in comparison to a standard baby shower. Simply switching the wording from “baby shower” to “adoption shower” is completely acceptable, or just choosing to keep that wording and note that it is for an adoption somewhere else on the invite.
Always be sure to include the adoptive parents name, the applicable statistics of the child being celebrated, the date, time, address and RSVP information, and of course, always acknowledge the host.
Here is just one example:
Join Us For A Baby Shower
The Agency was picked, the paperwork is in, now the fun is about to begin
Michael & Amanda Bristol
For a bundle of joy as they wait to be matched with a baby girl or boy!
Saturday, October 29, 2016
from 5pm to 9pm
Hosted by Abby Mitchell
Kindly RSVP to Abby by October 15 (555-5555)
And just like any other event, thank you cards are a must! Send them out within two weeks of the shower to all of your guests and anyone else who may have contributed to the shower.
Although you can never fully prepare for an adoption, we hope these tips on adoption announcement and adoption shower invitation etiquette will help kick off your growing families celebrations without a hitch! Head over to Basic Invite, ThePIYLife, or AnchoredHopeDesignCo for a few great places to find customizable adoption announcements and adoption shower invitations!
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